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About Me

I discovered Diamond Paintings through my mother. She told me she had bought something nice to make. Was very curious and went for a long time for coffee. When I saw it and she showed it and was making a piece, I knew it immediately. I really thought this was something for me and then selected and ordered my first Diamond Painting with feeling.

I love making it, nice with your own music in peace. Working on it every now and then on an afternoon or evening is really great. And slowly I started making more and more and the first person who always saw them when they were finished was my mother.

I wanted to share what I made with other people. And before I knew it I had made my own website. To share the beauty and to give it to someone else who is interested.

I make them with a lot of love and passion because this is really something I really love to make. So I also take pictures in a Diamond Painting for others, very happy that they have something special. And I'm very happy that I was able to give the other something beautiful that I made with love.

In the meantime I have bound all my paintings together in an ultimate book. I am very happy with how it turned out and had to wipe away a tear of joy.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make something yourself like Diamond Painting?

Are you interested in the book I made with all my work in it?

Can I make a personal photo for you in a Diamond Painting, or is it a gift for someone else?

Feel free to ask me by email. Everything is possible and negotiable exactly how you want it. Because everything you like is important to discuss well and that you take time for it. Because the final result is permanent for a long time.

Love Brigitte