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Some of my Diamond Paintings are for sale.

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This is the place where I can share the art that I made with all who also enjoy this.The joy, love and passion I have for making these Diamond Paintings is the reason for the site. 

Important to note, the pictures that I made into Diamond Paintings are not my design but from other artists. This hobby became my Love and Passion and sharing is my only purpose.

I give updates of the painting, In process of making with pictures.

You can also see ahead with Next Project the painting that is next for my feeling on the list to make. 

Enjoy your stay here and check out My Art Gallery for new Diamond Paintings that I will upload frequently. 

Books that I've read and pictures that tell my feelings instead of words can be found on this page. Inspiration Art & Books or look in the menu.

About me

Making Diamond Paintings started because my mother was starting to make one herself. When I saw how it was done it didn't take me very long to buy the first one myself.

After that slowly I began to make more of them. My choice in choosing a painting to make came from my emotion that I had at the moment I decided to buy one. 

That is also why this site has the name Twin Soul, because through working on the paintings I found my Twin Soul. The one that is looking at the mirror is the female part of me and the one looking back from the mirror is the male part of me. Understanding myself is through the paintings that I choose and how I work through my emotions. 

There are so many different emotions and the emotion longing was for a long time very visible in what I made. But with looking at it helped me understanding with what it was. From that moment on I finally began to slowly let it go. I'm complete just as I am and there's no need for a longing when I'm  complete within myself and happy with how I am.

Looking outside in the physical world to find the answers never worked, now I'm looking inside myself, that's where I found the female and the male part in harmony.

Making the Diamond Paintings is like meditation for me, listening to my favorite music that helps me to clear my mind and looking at the emotions. I learned that I'm never the emotion or the thoughts, I just have them and they will pass on their own when I just look at it and accept them as they are.

I love to do it and I make them with a lot of passion and joy.