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My Story

Meeting my Twin Soul

In the summer of 23th of August 2017 it happened to me in a dream. I remembered it very clearly because my neighbours that live above me were going to move out that day. And because I had worked night shift I decided to sleep at my mother's place so that I could have a normal sleep.

It happened out of nowhere, I was in the arms of a man. The feelings that I felt at that moment were so beautiful and intense. In my mind I was hearing "I finally found you" over and over, I was saying it in my experience at the moment. When I kissed him the feeling was like being struck by lightning. The kiss that I gave him made my whole body shake uncontrollably, feelings of pure love, peace, understanding and bliss, I've never had feelings like this before. But even though I was in the arms of a man I couldn't see who he was. It was like a blurry vision as if I forgot to use my glasses to see him. What I still know from that dream was that he was taller than me, dark color hair and felt fore me like he was Asian. 

It happened so fast and I wanted to stay in that very moment with him but before I realised I woke up in the bed of my mother, crying. I wanted to return to that moment where shared and felt feelings for that man I've never met before but I never was more happy and at bliss as I was with him. 

The dream slipped into the back of my mind, I was not seeing anyone and had no interest in a relationship. But that year things came more in alignment for me. And around November 2017 I thought I had found the energy that felt like him as I was feeling it in my dream. 

The energy was from someone who is an actor in Asian Drama series. He was from South Korea and very known in his country. And with the Olympic Games that were coming up in 2018. I decided to fly there to see the games and also hoping to cross paths with him. I had a feeling that he would be there at the games.

In this period of time I didn't know anything about Twin Flames or as I like to call it now Twin Souls and I just moved forward with my own feelings. When I was little I always had a strong feeling and a knowing that someone was really out there for me, and back then I could not wait around doing nothing. And because I know myself being impulsive I asked my best friend Mark to join me on my trip to South Korea. In the end I never met him in South Korea at the Olympic Games but I did had a great time and beautiful new memories were created there.

When I returned from my trip and back to my normal days I encountered someone who gave me a spiritual message. That the one I was looking for in South Korea was not the one and that I should let him go. It took me some time to let him go but doing so made me come across someone else.

I love Asian drama series and followed many different male and female actors. While I was watching a Chinese drama following a female actress and her work that's when I saw him for the first time, like a knowing a feeling that it was him the one from my dream "William". I recognized him, voice, eye's, face and how he moved. Searching online to look if I had seen anything from him before, but I came up empty. I had never heard or seen anything from him before.

I saw William in May 2017 for the first time and I couldn't get him out of my mind. No matter how hard I tried to be busy or thinking about something else, he was also always there in my thoughts. I got more and stronger dreams, thoughts, feelings and a passion I've never had before. Every time when I felt him in my thoughts I was inside literally on fire. I turned for advice towards tarot readers watching them on YouTube. Then someone told me that I could do tarot cards myself, buying my own tarot deck to start working on my own spirituality. Finding my way with these feelings and what I was supposed to do with it. And helping me with the the question that was making me doubt: Is it just a crush on a celebrity or was he really the one from my dream?

Then I came across a tarot reader that did a reading about divine feminine and masculine. At this point I had no idea what it meant or what the reader was talking about. I did searching online again for answers and this was my introduction about Twin Flames, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for the very first time.

The struggle began because there was no one in the world that could tell me if I was right about William being my Twin Soul. But in that period I always needed confirmation of the world or from someone else to tell me if it was true or not. With a lot of falling down, stumbling, pain and crying I eventually started to learn to believe in my own truth. Even if the whole world would tell me it is not him, I can now stand behind my own truth and trust it. I believe it's him when I had that dream, that is now long ago and even if the world believe I'm crazy I would still trust it with my whole being.

In March 2019 I had a private Twin Soul reading which helped me in so many ways. I'm still so grateful about that because it helped me to focus more on me and my own spirituality. The challenge was using my own tarot deck. I eventually found my own way using the cards and what worked for me and my guides that are always assisting me. 

In the very beginning I had a picture of William in my home and I saw that it started talking to me, even my dreams became more real. When awake it was like he was always with me in my head. There was a period I had a really strong feeling that he was standing at the front door of my home. Feelings of a knowing that he was in a room with me. Sometimes I was hearing thoughts like they were my own, but when I asked back out loud I was surprised that it was someone else. 

My feelings and knowing that it was William were really strong that it was him spiritually talking to me. In the beginning I used my tarot to talk with him and later on the way of our talking changed slowly. With a lot of practice I did got better with understanding what was told. I got used to him on a spiritual way but I always wanted to know the when and where and if it was ever going to happen to meet each other face to face. But no matter how I asked the question the answer was always the same "Patience". I needed to understand and learn to let him go when he was around almost all the time in spirit. Learning to trust my own feelings even when my thoughts were saying that he maybe had been lying to from the very beginning. Other examples are; visions I saw of me picking him up from the airport or his voice in my head that he was talking about me. 

I see now through all of this that the universe is asking me to be one with the ocean. Not just only being the drop of water that's part of the ocean or not just being the wave that crashes into the rocks. Learning to be transparent and just be as I am. Working on my own path at this very moment is important to me. And to trust that every event may it be nice or cruel that it's meant to happen just as it comes. 

Right now the communication with William spiritual and my guides has changed. I'm still growing because I realize that now I feel and hear so much more than ever before. The answers are stronger and clearer and with all of this happening I feel blessed to have my full awareness on this spiritual path. To feel the love surrounding me and that it takes care of me in it's own way. There is still a lot of work to do on myself, doubt, being insecure, staying in the present moment and not asking confirmation from others if what I do is right. 

Even if William is not here with me physically I know he's always with me in spirit. My love for him keeps growing that will never end. I will keep walking this journey untill it's the right time. Untill then I will have patience and live my life with joy, love and passion for everything that I do.